Thursday, December 20, 2007

We're off!

Well folks -
We are off to Antarctica later today!

The whole group has headed to Tierra del Fuego National Park for the day. They will have an authentic Argentinian BBQ in the open air, and see Nothofagus forests, spectacular views of the Beagle Channel (named after Darwin's ship - see photo), and exotic invasive beavers! Yes, it's true. Beavers are considered a pest here in Tierra del Fuego. They were introduced many years ago for the fur trade, which never really amounted to anything. Now the beavers are destroying landscapes and forests in this new environment. As a Canadian (eh?), who is proud of the history of beavers in the development of our country, it is interesting to be someplace where my national symbol is considered a pest. It's like an American visiting a place where bald eagles are unwanted!!

At 4pm we all are meeting to board the ship and then it is down the Beagle Channel to the Drake Passage. By early morning we will be sailing through the open waters and towards Antarctica. Sometime late Friday or early Saturday morning we will see our first icebergs... and then later on Saturday we will probably see land! Some of our ROAMers will be REALLY happy to sea land. The Southern Ocean is the roughest ocean in the world and the boat will probably be rocking back and forth and back and forth and.... well you get the picture, there might be some sea sickness, but it will all be worth it when we get to our ultimate destination - ANTARTICA!

We will try to post a few blogs from Antarctica, but these will likely be few and far between. We will update you with all the big news when we get back in 10 days.

Happy Holidays!


Katy said...

I look forward to further updates. God speed!

judith said...

I wish you all a very safe and exiting trip. I also hope you get to see lots of penguins. What will you all be eating out there????? (Please don't say penguin meat!!!!)

Please tell Edith that Galilea is doing great. She is walking by someone holding her with only one hand! :)

Vanessa, I enjoyed reading your entries and the way you convey them with humor! Can't wait for more.

Love to all,
Judith (Edith's twin sister)