Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Entire Group Emerges

December 17, 2007

Last night, Craig gave an overview of the town and the plan to come. After that, we went through Ushuaia and had a nice dinner that included seafood and local flavors. The weather is also pretty nice, in the mid 50s with intermittent clouds and wind. It is good weather for our blue fleeces, and we thank our sponsors for them greatly. They also help to identify the group all around town. There are a number of tourists here embarking on this type of journey, so we do not feel so alone or isolated. We are looking forward to meeting more people as we prepare for the ship.

The groups have spent the day working on the planning for each group’s activities and the mechanics of each day to come. Each group also gave an overview of their projects so that the individuals and groups can see crossovers and areas that need assistance. We also went out by teams on a treasure hunt in order to explore sites around the town. Interestingly, they also have a skatepark in town, which I hope to visit during the week. In the evening, we went to La Reuda, a restaurant that serves up traditional Argentinean barbeque meat (lamb, beef, ad sausage – cordero, carne de res, y salchicha).

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