Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Dec 25 - part 2.

Hey folks - I had to run to a meeting - but here is some more news. I forgot to mention in my first xmas post that Peterman Island was the southern-most point of our expedition - but also some of the warmest weather - funny how that happens! OK - xmas... We ended our day with a ROAM Christmas gift exchange complete with very creative presents, lots of Ushuaia souvenirs, and great books and Malbec (of course). Quark served us a fantastic xmas dinner, as per usual, the food here is first class. And our day ended as it began, with more whales (Minke this time)visible around the ship.

Hope you are all having a great holiday! Feliz Navidad!


Walker.Johnson said...

I want to wish all you ROAMers a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.


La Cri said...

Mitzel! It's your teacher! Sounds like you are having a great adventure. God speed back to El Paso. Aqui te esperamos!