Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Mitzel en el fin del Mundo Parte 4 (Mitzel at World´s End Part 4)

Ok I do apologize for not writing before...we returned from Antarctica Saturday morning and although I really would have liked to stay there longer, I was ready to come back. If I try to tell you about every single detail of my excursion, this is going to turn into a novel so I´ll save it ´til we get together and talk about it. It will be better that way I can share my 20 thousand photos!!! JK, close but not quite. There´s really no correct or precise way to describe Antarctica. It´s a magical, pristine, eye-catching, mouth-opening, and breath-taking place. To this day, 2 days after being back, I still cannot believe I was there... I cannot believe I left a footprint on that continent. A continent not a lot of people visit. I remember when I talked to many of you, I told you how it was soooo weird to say, ¨hey, I´m going to Antarctica!¨I mean, who says that? Well, I said it, and I was there! I will save the details about the trip but I can tell you I did my research, I met people from different places, I took a polar plunge (meaning that I jumped into the freezing waters of the ocean wearing nothing but my swim suit!!!) and now i´m back at Ushuaia analyzing and creating presentations about the data collected from our research. It has been an extremely exhausting time but our professors were nice enough to let us have yesterday and take up an adventure of our choice. I, along with other 12 or something, colleagues went on a 4 hr horse-back riding excursion. We traveled close to the Tierra del Fuego National Park and right along side the Beagle Channel. By the way, Beagle is also a beer brand. Oh by the way, Happy New Year!!! After our excursion yesterday, we had reservations at a hotl for a really nice and intimate New Year´s party!! I was a bit bummed that I was not sharing this day with my family and loved ones, but you know what, that just made the bond that was created with other members a lot stronger and I had a great time and I´m glad I was able to share that day with them. Today has been a day of extreme work preparing our presentations for the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow, another adventure day has been set up and that appears to be a full day thing so that should be fun. I really miss all of you and although I really don´t want to go back, knowing that there are people out there that I love and appreciate, makes me want to come back and share my trip with you!!

Love you all!!!

P.S. see you Saturday!!!

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Carlos A. said...

Hey!! por fin encontre el blog! creo que terminare de leerlo en la casa por que aqui en la ofna no me dejan en paz! jajaja

Que bueno que todo estuvo muy bien y que te gusto!!

nos vemos la semana que entra! =P