Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to friends, family, and students in Mrs. Smith´s class in Brashear, MO. Yeah! I have finally figured out how to post to this blog. Where should I start??? I am back in Ushuaia, Argentina now. The Antarctic expedition was truly incredible. I loved being in blizzard conditions in the zodiac roaming around the icebergs. The penguins are amazing as they steal stones from each other´s nests and toddle around with flippers extended as if walking a tightrope. Wait until you see my pictures!! Our research projects are coming along quite well -- my group studied glaciers to see what effect, if any, climate change is having. I did not get sea sick at all on the trip. During the most turbulent waters in the world, the Drake Passage, I wore a patch to prevent sea sickness, but it make me blurry-eyed and very sleepy. On the way back, I didn´t use the patch and I was fine. We actually had a pretty easy crossing both times. I did sleep a lot because the boat just rock, rocked me to sleep. I miss everyone and want to hear about your Christmas and New Year´s Eve. Hugs to all, especially Cheyenne, Mikaeja, and Isabella. I have access to email, so email me!!! I will be home Saturday. See you soon!


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